Why are we the accounting firm for you?

We are really good at what we do and we ACTUALLY understand what you do.

What does this really mean? Powerhouse Accounting staff are extensively trained and experienced in handling e-commerce clients and their ever-changing industry. Our accountants already understand what you do. You will not need a lengthy phone call explaining how the internet works and what the different platforms are. Our team is very knowledgeable and familiar with what you do on every level.

Working with firms who don’t possess our level of experience can lead to all sorts of missteps, such as: increased audit risk, improper books, endless frustration and confusion, and the inevitable extra money spent to correct a plethora of mistakes.

Background that helps us define e-commerce accounting.

Powerhouse Accounting is powered by an accounting firm, Solutions Group Accounting Firm, who have been servicing e-commerce clients for over 10 years. The founder and Senior Accountant of this firm has extensive experience with agency owners, content creators, affiliate marketers, e-commerce platforms and a wide berth of other e-commerce businesses. The partners at Solutions Group Accounting Firm also have extensive accounting background, education, certifications, are licensed in multiple financial industries, and have experience managing IRS and State Tax Audits.

E-Commerce moves quickly.

The speed at which things change in the digital marketplace means any company you partner with must prioritize continuously re-assessing the industry’s needs.

Working with our team will bring you a sense of comfort and relief that only comes with years of experience and expertise. Let us make your life easier by removing stressful and time-consuming financial tasks, and we’ll avoid missteps other less-experienced firms are sure to make.

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With a staff who have been supporting e-commerce clients since 2011, we are equipped to handle any situation that may arise. Whether you are an agency owner, content creator, internet marketer or other internet based business owner, we have the solutions to solve your accounting needs.